Seniors Tour Western-Super-mare

July 17, 2018 in EPA News by English Pool Association

What a great weekend (14/15 July) in Western-Super-Mare at the All Starts Sports Bar. Brendan and his team worked hard all weekend looking after everyone. Thank you Brendan for all the trouble you had to go to accommodate the seniors tour this year ie extra tables, we all look forward to coming back next year. Thanks go out to first of all to the players then Yvonne Armitage, Stan Grant and Jackie Baker what a great team to work with. There was a surprise early doors when Keith Brewer went out in the main event to Chris Bowers. One of the outstanding matches was when Sharon James played James Pheely only losing 5 3. Steve Singh went into the final of the plate beating Keith Brewer 4-1 in the semis and Stu Jones beating John Bland 4-1. In the main event it was a hard fought battle between Partab Singh and Steve Prince with Steve going into the final with a win of 5-3. In the other semi in the main event was another battle between Ron Sharp and Andy Sudworth with Ron beating Andy 5-4. Both Finals started at the same time - Steve Prince beat Ron Sharpe 6-3 in the tour final and in the plate final Stu Jones beat Steve Singh 5-2. Report by Shirley Jewkes, Tour Organiser For results ...

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