A Day of Triumph: Celebrating Our Teams’ Successes

Today was a day to remember as our teams delivered exceptional performances across all categories, showcasing their skill, determination, and sportsmanship. It was a day marked by impressive comebacks, hard-fought victories, and the sheer joy of achieving goals that had been long pursued. Here’s a detailed account of the day’s events and achievements.

U23 Team’s Remarkable Comeback

Our U23 team set the tone for the day with an exhilarating match against West Yorkshire. Falling behind initially, the team displayed incredible resilience and teamwork to stage a dramatic comeback. Their effort forced a 6-red shootout, a high-stakes moment where every shot counts. With nerves of steel, our U23s triumphed, clinching victory with just a fraction of a second to spare. This match was a testament to their hard work and determination, qualities that have been nurtured by our dedicated committee and managers. We extend our best wishes to West Yorkshire, hoping they secure a well-deserved reserve spot.

Adult Teams’ Performance

The adult competitions saw our two teams placed in separate groups, each facing their own set of challenges. Our B Team found themselves in a particularly tough group, competing against two County A Teams. Despite their best efforts and commendable performances, they unfortunately fell short of reaching the semi-finals. Their determination and spirit, however, were evident and praised by all.

On the other hand, our A Team had a remarkable run. They were grouped with West Yorkshire A and two B teams. Demonstrating exceptional skill and strategy, our A Team won all three of their group matches, advancing to the semi-finals as group winners. The semi-final match was a nail-biter, once again culminating in a 6-red shootout. Our team held their nerve and emerged victorious, setting the stage for a final showdown with West Yorkshire A.

Dominant Victory in the Final

In the final, our A Team faced West Yorkshire A. With confidence and composure, they delivered a dominant performance, winning 3-1. This victory not only secured their qualification but also highlighted the depth of talent and preparation within our squad. The team’s success was a collective effort, with each player, captain, and support staff contributing significantly to this achievement.

Acknowledgments and Future Prospects

A huge thank you goes out to everyone involved in making this day a success. The captains and players gave their all, displaying sportsmanship and dedication. The organizers ensured everything ran smoothly, contributing to the overall success of the event. The support from our committee and managers, particularly in promoting our U23 and U18 sections over the years, has been instrumental in reaching these heights.

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to have representation in the last eight of both competitions, which will be broadcast live on Ultimate Pool TV. This platform will provide our U23s with invaluable experience, allowing them to compete at a higher level and gain exposure.

Thank You to Carly and the Team at Q8 Sports Bar and Grill

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Carly and the entire team at Q8 Sports Bar and Grill for their exceptional hospitality and support during our recent event.

The venue provided the perfect setting for an exciting day of competition, and your team’s professionalism and friendliness made the experience even more enjoyable for everyone involved. From managing the bar to ensuring the pool tables were in top condition, your efforts were crucial in making the event a success.

Your dedication and attention to detail did not go unnoticed, and we deeply appreciate all the hard work that went into hosting us. Thank you for being such gracious hosts and for your continued support of our events.


The achievements of our teams yesterday were not just about winning matches but about the culmination of years of hard work, training, and dedication. It was a day that reflected the true spirit of our club – perseverance, teamwork, and excellence. As we celebrate these victories, we also look forward to future challenges and opportunities, confident in the abilities of our players and the support of our community.

Here’s to many more successful days ahead!