Ultimate Pool partnership with English Pool Association

Lancashire County Pool Association would like to hear your feedback on the Ultimate Pool Proposal detailed below. Please read the page, watch the videos and click here to submit your feedback to the Lancashire Committee who will be glad to investigate and return with the answers.

We would like feedback from players and league representatives from both affilliated leagues and non-affilliated leagues. This is a chance to develop the future of English 8-ball Pool


The Ultimate Pool Group would like to become the professional body of the EPA, this would give a clear root for those in the EPA structure to become professional pool players.

UP & EPA would like for every player within the EPA structure down to pub level to participate with its new app.

Most notably in its latest version of “All scores live”, all leagues, scores and competitions can be used via this and will give real time information to all users. This will allow for every player in the EPA structure to receive a ranking and as mentioned above participate in competitions against similar standard players.

As of the 2023 membership year the EPA will continue to be the administrators of all Full EPA Memberships (Interleague level and above) and the allocation of registered ID numbers. Registration will be exactly as before with the sole addition that to complete the EPA registration a player must also register on the UP app.

UP will then invoice the EPA quarterly £2 for each full membership.

This £2 increase will be discussed and possibly implemented, as per the constitution, at the November National Committee Meeting. Under 18’s will be free.

Any players that do not have a smart phone can be registered on the app by their County Official. Working parties will be set up to ensure exactly how this will be executed and policed.

NB -League, County and Regional fees are to be collected as normal.

From September 2023 an EPA Affiliate Membership will be introduced for all local league players participating in EPA affiliated leagues.

Every league player will pay £1 membership. 100% of this goes to EPA. The £1 membership fee will be fixed for a minimum period of 3 years.

How the league decides to collect or generate these membership fees is at their discretion. All players are to be actively encouraged to register on the UP app.

Players who do not have a smart phone or do not wish to have the app can be registered by their captain or league secretary.

Working parties will be set up to ensure exactly how this will be executed and policed.

EPA and UP are mindful of the person who plays only one night a week and will have a package of savings at high street stores and prize draws which will help to engage them as members of the UP/EPA partnership.

UP and EPA would both have full access to the entire information collected in the app and or database of its members. The terms and conditions for both memberships will be changed to include that personal data will be used by both EPA & UPG to be in line with GDPR policies.

There would naturally be various levels of access as it is important to replicate the working processes which are currently in practise and not inhibit the functionality of the association and its members. This is a movement to make everything more efficient and stronger for the sake of the game and its longevity/future promotion.

UP would give administration rights to all levels as appropriate in order not to circumvent the current regime and operational accessibility of the counties, interleague members and associations supporting the bottom tiers of pool.

Cashback deals for the EPA have a choice of two :

  • Option 1 Benefit Reward meaning the site giving 30% commission on all purchases to the EPA..
  • Option 2 Members keep all of the cash back but EPA would receive 10% cashback on all diamond subscriptions.

Reason – Hopes and aspirations

  • EPA will have the financial resource to help promote and develop grass roots pool in the UK, Including, but not limited to introducing pool tables into schools and other suitable public places. To change the culture of pool being purely associated with pubs and clubs
  • EPA will be able to increase the number of associated and affiliated leagues to its structure in the UK
  • EPA will have sufficient resource to run, operate and facilitate improved amateur competitions
  • EPA will be able to have a clear ranking of all players through the UP app, in order that it can engage meaningful competitions at all levels to help grow and sustain the popularity of English 8 ball pool within the UK. Thus, helping sustain pool tables in pubs and clubs and making them a viable commercial operation, so not to lose pool tables and places to play to eateries.
  • EPA will have a sustainable financial model where they are giving their members value for their paid membership, whilst at the same time securing their financial future for years to come
  • EPA will have the ability to open and operate with financial support from revenue income from the joint venture or government funding/sponsorships English 8 ball pool academies. UP cannot operate if the next Mick Hills, Gareth Potts, or Chris Melling’s are not coming through. A model which has been successful in China in helping to combat teenage delinquency and to encourage self -discipline through the observation of the etiquette of the sport
  • UP would like to be to the EPA what Matchroom is to world snooker
  • UP wishes to engage every single player within the EPA structure and develop English 8 ball pools strength, which is in the numbers playing
  • UP would like to bring the day in the sun to English 8 Ball pool in the same way as Darts and Snooker have enjoyed
  • UP using its technology and public profile, wishes to support the EPA in making English 8 ball Pool a tier one sport
  • UP would like for every player with the EPA structure down to pub level to participate with its new app. UP would like to form a long -standing partnership with the EPA and bring all the players information, results, league tables and rankings into an app.

UP would like to form a long-standing partnership with the EPA and bring all the players information, results, league tables and rankings into an app.


Please let us know your feedback below. Well will publish constructive feedback appropriately.

Question’s And Answer’s

as submitted to Lancashire County Pool Association

Q. Does agreement between both parties mean a change to playing International Rules?
A. No. Any vote to change playing rules can only happen in 2024 for the 2025 season.

Q. What are the cost implications of membership?
A. Currently in 2022 from £13, £5 goes to the EPA, £2 goes to region & £6 to LCPA. In 2023, there’s an additional £2 to go to UPG, plus EPA & region will also increase. Until November this year, we won’t find out by how much, but our best guess estimate would be around £20 in total.
In 2024 the joining fee will be £1 per player for affiliated leagues members. Leagues will not be entitled to affiliate as this is compulsory.

Q. How will our data be used by the EPA & UPG?
A. The proposal states the application form will be modified to suite. However, LCPA feel the policy for GDPR should be written first, so everyone is aware before they commit.

Q. What does the App provide us with?
A. It’s supposed to be a combination of what you may know of as League Republic & Cuescore. The App hasn’t been totally written yet, but we’re told it’s an extension of the existing UPG App where the EPA will have its own section, to gain access to league, Interleague, county, international & player stats. Access to any other free information area, will also be accessible.

Q. What does the player get for the extra cost that we don’t have already?
A. The “ULTIMATE POOL” App itself. An additional benefit is the discount buying scheme to paid up members, available across over 300 companies. See https://www.epa.org.uk/news/items/2022-06-11-UPG-Cashback.php for more info

Q. What guarantee of a minor % price increase do we have?
A. So far there is no guarantee of a fixed % on price after 3 years.

Q. What benefit will our local leagues get from the EPA?
A. So far the EPA have not provided counties with any blueprint or financial plans, should the proposal go through successfully or fail. LCPA have asked that question.