EPA Ultimate Pool Collaboration Agreement Update

The English Pool Association (EPA) and the Ultimate Pool Group (UPG) would like to provide its members and supporters an update on their partnership and efforts to push the sport of 8-ball pool into a thriving new era for all.

Understandably, EPA league and player members have asked many valid questions as to what the partnership will entail, the benefits they would receive, and the future direction of the organisation.

The EPA and UPG have listened carefully to the feedback and any such concerns, and effective immediately have decided to drop the suggested £6 fee for EPA league players to just £1, with consideration to the ongoing cost of living crisis within the country. The change also means that the EPA will now receive 100% of these fees after VAT and transactional costs instead of the 20% previously proposed.

The significant reduction will not affect the projects that the two organisations have planned which aim to benefit the grassroots of clubs and leagues, and all the way up to the top echelons of the sport.

Barbara Taylor, EPA Chairman said "The publishing of the Q & A document had the desired effect of getting the information to all players and leagues in the event that it had not been reaching them previously. Many wrongly believed that this had already been implemented yet the counties had only agreed in principle at the AGM this year. This will now be the final proposal to be voted on by the counties.

It was refreshing to take the many points raised by our members to the UPG and have such positive discussions which have resulted in this new proposal.”

Mark Quirk, UPG Chairman said “The last thing we wanted to do was spread ill-feeling amongst the EPA’s loyal member base when it came to the proposed player fees. Players and leagues expressed issues with the amount, and following positive discussions with the EPA, we have reevaluated and are delighted to reduce the fee to £1 per player.

Regardless of playing ability, what binds us all together is our shared passion for the sport and desire to see it administered properly with opportunities for all, whether that be a youngster picking up a cue for the first time or an aspiring player looking to make it their profession. With the different bases that the EPA and UPG touch, we believe we are in the ideal position to achieve this, pooling our resources, information and technology to the best effect.

The sport has been fragmented for too long – we believe that coming together will mutually benefit both organisations and 8-ball pool as a whole.”

Fees for interleague and county players will remain the same as previously proposed.

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