Mens Interleague KO Qualifier – 15th May @ Hendrys

At the Lancashire v Merseyside County match on 10th April, the draw for the Interleague KO Qualifiers (to be played on 15th May at Stephen Hendrys, Preston) was completed. All teams in the first matches must be in attendance for 10:00am on the day, with the first matches commencing no later than 10:30am.

 Group A  Group B  Group C  Group D  Group E
  • Blackburn Fox Shots
  • Atherton
  • ABH Pool
  • Lancaster ‘A’
  • Preston
  • Fleetwood
  • Wigan A
  • Clitheroe A
  • Lancaster ‘B’
  • Chorley A
  • Bury
  • Blackburn Cabin Crew
  • Real Blackburn
  • Wigan B
  • Blackpool

Team marked in Red was drawn from a seeded pot due to the performance last season. Teams in Blue have been attained their place via a preliminary series of game on 3rd April. All groups was drawn at random.

First round of matches starting at 10:30 are

  • Blackburn Fox Shots -v- Atherton
  • Chorley A -v- Bury
  • Lancaster ‘A’ -v- Preston
  • Real Blackburn -v- Wigan B
  • Wigan A -v- Clitheroe A

League Republic has been updated to show this and can be found at HERE .

If your team is unable to attend the event then captains should inform the Interleague Secretary at the earliest opportunity so that the reserve teams can be substituted in. Reserves would be selected in the order of the performance in the qualifiers, i.e. Chorley B, Kirkham, Clitheroe B, Darwen.

Format of Play

Order of play in the round robin stage with all matches taking place over 2 tables:

  • Team ‘A’ v Team ‘B’ (match one) – starting at 10:30
  • Losing team v Team ‘C’ (match two) – starting at approx 12:00
  • Winner of match 1 v Team ‘C’ (match three) – starting at approx 13:30.

During the round robin stage of play matches one  and two  must complete the full eighteen frames of the match regardless of the score.

Scoring will be two points for each match won, and one point for a drawn match, if the first match in a group is a draw, the teams playing will toss a coin, witnessed by a tournament official, to decide which team plays the third team in the group.

If after the round robin stage two or more teams on the table have the same amount of winning points, then the team with the best legs averages will win. Legs averages will be decided by calculating the number of legs for, minus legs against.

If a team gains a winning margin at any stage during match 3 this margin being such that the
group is won, then play may be curtailed in that particular group. For example:

  • Team ‘A’ beats team ‘B’ 11-7.
  • Team ‘B’ loses to team ‘C’ 10-8
  • Team ‘A’ leads team ‘C’ 9-0
  • Team ‘A’ cannot be beaten: Play can be abandoned in order that progress can be made

At the end of the group stages, Winners and Runners-up will progress to a sudden death knockout match between Winners of 1 group and runners up from another group with the winners qualifying for the National event.