Lancashire County Pool teams up with Unified World to help with business energy costs

Lancashire County Pool Association has team up with Blackburn-based Unified World to bring its member leagues, and more importantly associated businesses, to help take the stress out of getting the best energy prices for your business. All of this at absolutely no cost to you.

Energy is one of the single largest costs facing businesses today. From small traders to multi-nationals, business gas and electricity prices can have a significant impact on cashflow. Add this to the rising cost of raw materials and other business expenses and it becomes obvious why so many businesses are struggling.

Get energy aware and start saving now

Energy awareness isn’t just about energy efficiency. It’s about understanding the energy market, your business energy contracts, and the way your business consumes energy.

  • The energy market in the UK is complex and volatile. Gas and electricity are commodities that can be traded like any other stocks, so their prices can change daily. Find out when pricing curves are low and set up contracts during that time period.
  • Your energy contracts do not last forever. You may be in danger of being rolled over onto out of contract rates – and these can be cripplingly expensive. Pay attention to your contract renewal date and shop around for new rates and other suppliers before your contracts end.
  • If your business has failed to make regular payments to your energy suppliers in the past, you may face credit objections. You should seek expert advice if this happens – Unified World can help.

How do you do this while still managing your business?

Contact Unified World. They will help you investigate the energy market and find out which suppliers have the best solutions for your business. Then they’ll work with you to complete the contract with your new supplier.

Contact Unified World on to find out how we can make a difference to your business. For more information on Unified World and their business services, visit