mini_tour_200x281It looks like the sell-out U.K. Pool Tour has another success story on its hands with the introduction of the one day events which will start in four areas of the country early May 2014.

With a prize fund of £5,000 in each of the four areas, giving a total prize fund of £20,000, it’s not surprising that this new event is set to become the premier one day tournament in the UK.

Open to all players and not just those from the U.K. Tour, the initial plan is to have a minimum of 50 entrants in each area which will cover the prize fund advertised.  However, the real target is to reach the maximum of 64 players in each of the four areas and, as detailed on the official entry form, all entry fees would be paid as prize monies.

In fact if the 64 level is reached, and from the initial response that is a great possibility, the extra revenue will be used to have a “Grand Final” with players from each area competing for an additional £6,000 plus prize fund. The U.K. tour will top up the extra monies providing the 64 level is reached.

The next level of the event is to introduce another four areas. This is currently being discussed and may happen this year, if that were to happen then the “Grand Final” would have a prize fund of around £12,000; making it by far the best value one day money event in the land. Also advertised in the official brochure is the plate event which makes it a great day’s play for all entrants!

Click here to download an entry form.