EPA Update regarding National Interleague Cups

Firstly, we here at the Lancashire County Pool and in the wider EPA hope that you, your friends & family members are keeping safe & have not been affected too badly by the stay at home measures currently in force.

As you will no doubt be aware that the planned April Interleague finals were postponed indefinitely. This was due to the measures the UK government put in place to protect the NHS.

The EPA held a virtual national meeting on Sat 23rd May. All the regional directors (bar region 1) & the Exec joined the meeting from their current location.

Subject to the current restrictions on large social gatherings being relaxed sufficiently enough for us all to safely resume playing pool at both the Interleague and the Interleague KO cup along with the safety of the teams, captains/organisers/staff and individual players ongoing safety not being compromised.


Bearing in mind the above statement :-

  • The postponed April Interleague Event will be moved to where the Interleague K/O cup is currently planned to be held. Sat 10 – Sun 11 October 2020
  • The October Interleague K/O Cup event will be moved to where the Golden Cue weekend is currently planned to be held.  Sat 5 – Sun 6 December 2020
  • The Golden cue event is now not going to be run as planned on Sat 5 – Sun 6 December. There are no plans, at present, to reschedule this event to take place in 2020. 
  • The Seniors Knock Out Cup planned was to run as part of the Golden Cue weekend. This will, for 2020, be run in conjunction with the Interleague K/O cup. 3rd & 4th of December.

We realise that playing two National Interleague events in two months is far from an Ideal solution for your teams and also your players, its not that great for us either as organisers with the scheduled date coinciding with, no doubt, your Xmas preparations being in full swing along with all the financial burdens we are all feeling right now.

That said, conversations we have had with the various people. The majority do still favour playing both events as planned rather than cancelling one of them.

National Interleague Event – 10th – 11th October 2020

Those teams that were booked in for the April 2020 Interleague Event (but did not request a refund) will automatically be allocated their original spot in the event to the rescheduled weekend of 10th – 11thOctober 2020.

As a footnote to the above – teams will be allowed to play (for this year only) with either any of last season’s registered players regardless of their playing stats also if required any “new”players that have registered in the 2020 season for the team.

Those teams that requested a refund will be offered a priority window. This will allow them to re-enter the event now they know what the new date is.

Teams that did not initially request a refund but now can’t make the 10th – 11th October 2020 date for whatever reason can apply for a refund, if they wish, have their booking shifted to the December 5th – 6th December – this will not happen automatically. It must be requested by the team captain to the Tournament Director. Allow plenty of time to allow for all the required processes and checks to complete.

Interleague KO Cup – December 5th to December 6th 2020

Its time to start the process for the National Interleague Knock Out Cup Finals 2020 and get your teams there. This is not going to be a normal year in terms of running your interleague season,. No Interleague KO Qualifying event will be taking place in Lancashire.

You can now make your requests for places from any interleague teams that want to attend December’s event.  

All requests for spaces to be on the database By 11th July. Please consult with with your teams. Please confirm by email to the usual Interleague email address your request for a spot.

All accepted team Entry fees must be paid by 26th September – team fee £26.00.

Hope you all in have a great summer and a fantastic remainder of 2020. Hopefully all the restrictions are eased up enough for us all to enjoy everything again.