D’Imperio takes the Challenge

D'Imperio 2016 Challenge 1 Winner

D’Imperio 2016 Challenge 1 Winner

Giuseppe D’Imperio showed just why he is considered to be one of the best young players around with a convincing performance to take the first Challenge event of the 2016 season. D’Imperio was barely pushed in the majority of his matches with a 5-3 victory over Gerry Canning in the last 16 being his closest match.

The strength of the field for the Challenge event was in no doubt with the player list including the likes of Rob Wharne, Partab Singh, Jack Pople, Brian Halcrow and eventual finalist Chris Gill to name but a few. With such a strong field it seems unlikely that anyone will manage to win more than 1 in the season but no doubt D’Imperio will be up for the challenge.

Some new additions to the tour had a good run in the event, Darrell Whitworth , Richard King, Richard Jones and Christopher Hatton all did well making the money stages and as far as the semis in King’s case. Hatton also made the last 16 of the main event before bowing out to former World Champion John Roe. After having performed so well on their first effort I’m sure they’ll all be eagerly awaiting the second event in March.