Aramith Pro Cup

billes-8-pool-aramith-pro-cup-50-8-mmAs you are all aware i have sent updates as to where we are with regards to the impending use of the Aramith pro cup (spotted) cue ball.

Following the region 2 meeting it has been accepted that it will be in use for our home county matches.

Now it has been accepted within region 2, it is now mandatory that it is used in all interleague matches going forward, I expect some teams may not have one of these cue balls available at this moment in time & it may be too short notice to use in the next set of interleague fixtures scheduled for the 24th February. Therefore all teams have til 17th March (ladies interleague) & 28th April (men’s interleague) matches to obtain one of the cue balls.

Going forward we have since been notified that all Yarmouth events will be using the full pro cup sets. If the home team has access to these balls & wishes to use them, this is acceptable. Cost of these sets RRP around £100.

There is nothing currently in the pipeline to make the full set mandatory in interleague matches solely down to the costs involved, I’m sure the debate of this will happen at the 2014 AGM.