Leary edges a tense Premier League


The 2018 Premier League couldn’t have been closer with 3 of the players finishing tied at the top on 14 points with only frame difference to separate them! It was Dylan Leary who edged it in the end, ahead of Adam Davis and Josh Kane, and rightly so as he put on an emphatic display of pool in his final three matches to beat former Premier League winner Adam Davis 8-3, Rob Wharne 8-5 and then recorded a resounding 8-2 victory over Phil Harrison. Such convincing wins not only racked up the points but, importantly this year, the frames, especially with one of the wins coming against his closest rival Davis who ended up in second place.

Leary’s victory has secured his position in next year’s Premier League and also saw him pick up £1400 over the four tours as the unique format of the Premier League enables a player to pick up £200 for each victory, paid out in cash on the weekend.

The high standard in the league kept it ultra-competitive and resulted in a tight top 8 spacing that saw only 4 points difference between 1st and 8th. In fact, even Lee Kendall, who finished in 12th place, picked up £700. After having had a tremendous season on the tour itself, many would have been surprised to find Kendall bottom of the Premier League, but such is the standard.

Next year will see a new batch of players compete to see who is the number one player on the tour but, for now, the Premier League title is in the well-deserved hands of Dylan Leary!