AGM Notice: Election of Chairperson and Treasurer

Lancashire County Pool Association will be holding their AGM on 14th January 2018 at Hendry’s, Preston.

As many of you are aware Alison Parkes and Tina Underwood won’t be standing for re-election at the end of their term. Geoff Hadgett who is currently Vice Chairperson is standing for Chairperson and John Birkett is standing for Treasurer. Anyone wishing to stand for either position of Chairperson or Treasurer please could you apply to myself, Kevin Calverley LCPA Secretary.

We also require any proposals to be sent to Kevin Calverley LCPA Secretary. Proposals and applications need to be received at least 7 days prior to the AGM.

Officers Main Duties


  1. To ensure that the Association is run efficiently and effectively to enhance the game of pool within the County.
  2. To act as a figurehead in the promotion of the game of pool within the County.
  3. To ensure that the rules and Constitution of the Association are applied correctly and upheld.
  4. To Chair the A.G.M/E.G.M and Committee meetings in a professional manner ensuring that all business before those meetings is attended to.


  1. To handle all monies paid into and out of the Association’s bank(s) accounts.
  2. To keep accurate records of all the Association’s transactions and provide a balance sheet for each committee meeting showing all such transactions during the year.
  3. To provide a balance sheet at the end of every financial year showing all transactions during that financial year.
  4. To assist any auditors to inspect the accounts as required.
  5. To assist the Association Committee in producing a budget of the requirements for the forthcoming financial year.