Mens Interleague: Congratulations to Lancaster on winning the Yarmouth play-off.

Congratulations to Lancaster on winning the Yarmouth play off for the National finals in March 2014..

After a close 1st match, which could of easlly finished 9-9, Lancaster took advantage with 6-3 win in the 3rd session, leaving them 16-11 ahead, going into the last session. Bury to their credit didn’t give up & gave it a real go.

1st Match

Joe Byrne 1-0 James Silverwood
Neil Gaunt 1-1 Michael Zorab
Mike J Giles 2-1 John Fox
Steven Beaumont 2-2 Wayne Corless
Julian Haigh 3-2 Michael Gill
Sam Reynolds 3-3 Craig Dodd
Steve Trayford 4-3 Ian Corless
Karl Willams 4-4 Jamie Gibson
David Philo Phillipson 4-5 Tony Haslam
Joe Byrne 5-5 John Fox
Neil Gaunt 6-5 Wayne Corless
Mike Giles 6-6 James Silverwood
Steven Beaumont 7-6 Michael Zorab
Julian Haigh 7-7 Tony Haslam
Sam Reynolds 7-8 Jamie Gibson
Steve Trayford 7-9 Michael Gill
Karl Williams 8-9 Craig Dodd
Dave Phillipson 8-10 Ian Corless

2nd Match

James Silverwood 11-8 Joe Byrne
John Fox 11-9 Neil Gaunt
Wayne Corless 11-10 Steven Beaumont
James Gardner 12-10 Mike Giles
Michael Gill 13-10 Steve Trayford
Ian Corless 14-10 Karl Williams
Craig Dodd 15–10 Colin Parry
Jamie Gibson 15-11 Julian Haigh
Tony Haslam 16-11 Sam Reynolds
James Silverwood 16-12 Steven Beaumont
John Fox 17-12 Mike Giles
Wayne Corless 17-13 Joe Byrne
James Gardner 17-14 Neil Gaunt
Michael Gill 18-14 Sam Reynolds
Michael Zorab 18-15 Julian Haigh
Craig Dodd 19-15 Steve Trayford
Jamie Gibson – Karl Williams
Tony Haslam – Colin Parry