Interleague and County Update

We are now in the position to give an update on plans for pool within our Region and County for the remainder of 2021.


LCPA Committee have made the difficult decision to withdraw from all County Pool for the remainder of 2021.

We felt the large numbers of players travelling to venues in different Counties and playing in the same venues wasn’t a sensible option at this present time.

Four of the six Counties within Region 2 have withdrawn up to now.

We hope the situation is more stable to re-start in 2022.


In the same meeting we decided that, with fewer numbers and less travel, we are willing for Interleague to go ahead as planned with a potential start date of 22nd August.

We will continue to monitor the situation as the year goes on.

Guidance Notes

  • Each individual must be responsible for their own actions and considerations of others 2. Each individual should show respect for those who wish to wear a face-covering
  • Each individual should be considerate of those who may not want to shake hands, an elbow bump or some other gesture will suffice
  • Each individual should respect any/all rules that the venue still has in place on match day (the home team to notify the away team in good time of any such rules)
  • Each individual must not rely on hand sanitizer being available at the venue, make sure they take their own should they require it

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our members good luck and good health for the coming months ahead.

LCPA Committee