Harrison Takes UK Tour 2

Phil Harrison takes UK Pool Tour 2


Phil Harrison bounced back from his defeat in the final at tour 1 to take the Hilton Metropole tour 2 title with a tremendous performance in the final. Harrison had a scare in the last 32, narrowly defeating 2012 tour winner Ian Duffy 7-6. After this it was business as usual until the final where he hit top gear taking 7 of the 8 frames from the break and showing his opponent no mercy when his run of good breaks went dry at the most inopportune time. Steve Martin was the unfortunate opponent on the receiving end of a Harrison lesson and there was little he could do to prevent it. Prior to this Martin had taken out two of England’s finest talents, Gavin Lomax and Giuseppe D’Imperio, before meeting the seemingly unstoppable World Champion Mick Hill in the semis. Martin got off to a fine start taking a 3-0 lead and managed to hold his nerve to take out a clearance off the break to claim the match 8-6. This result prevented the second tour final from replicating the first and highlighted to those who didn’t already know that Steve Martin is a serious contender for a tour title in the future.



SEMIS Tom Cousins [8-3] Mick Hill [8-6]
QUARTERS Reece Townsend [7-3] Giuseppe D’Imperio [7-4]
LAST 16 Rob McGowan [7-0] Gavin Lomax [7-5]
LAST 32 Ian Duffy [7-6] Mike Larkins [7-3]
LAST 64 Richard Jones [7-3] Dom Cooney [7-3]
LAST 128 Jamie Fay [7-1] Neil Kelley [7-5]
PRELIMS   Dave Kerrigan [7-1]