EPA Events Cancelled for 2020 (Except Tour 5)

All EPA County matches within Regions and Interleague within Counties, are cancelled for 2020. All EPA National events are cancelled for the rest of 2020 that were to be held at Park Dean, Vauxhall. (October Interleague, November Ladies KO Cup /Champion of Champions and December Interleague KO Cup 2020.) The National Ladies Singles/ Ladies KO Cup and Champion of Champions will now be moved to the Intercounty weekend 2021. Vauxhall have changed these dates to 25th March -28th March 2021. The October Interleague moved from April 2020 is now to be in April 2021. The 140 players who entered the World Qualifiers in April 2020 (which was deferred to Men's National Amateurs in October 2020) will now be deferred back to a World Qualifier in April 2021. Vauxhall have also changed these dates to 22nd April - 25th April 2021. EPA Tour 5 is not affected and will be going ahead in October as scheduled. EPA National Committee.

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